Authors how many of you are using Social Media to your benefit? Social media allows you to build a relationship with your readers. Surprisingly most authors don’t use social media to promote their book. You will find a lot of authors doing book reads or selling their books to book clubs or even bookstores. Below are some reasons why you should be using social media to help with your books:

  • Exposure – Using social media to help spread the word and help with your marketing, and promotion of your book is essential in getting exposure for your book outside of your city, state or even country.
  • Leads – While attempting to connect with the potential readers, it can also give you the opportunity to connect with new readers, and refer them to your blog, landing pages and where ever your book is sold.
  • SEO Boost – By posting on social media you are advertising your book, and based on how much you are using your title in the posts on social media, it can help to add to your book without paying a company to get your book on the google search.
  • Growth – You may have a fan who may spark a thought in your mind about working on a 2nd book, as well as an opportunity to make your book a movie.
  • Sales – Social Media allows you to sell to a worldwide audience. Sales are always great icing on the cake.

One last key piece of information, if you have a blog make it a point to stay active on your blog and share your book journey. From there you should be sharing your blog posts with your email list, and any and all social media platforms you are active on.

Feel free to share your social media thoughts with me if you are an author.