Are there really any simple hacks for authors? Well, I want to share some research that I’ve come across since I’ve become an author. As an author of 3 books, I like to connect with fellow authors to learn and grow as an author. In this blog post, I share a couple simple author hacks, for aspiring and new authors to remember on the journey of being an author.

When I speak with authors, I am always interested to find out where their books can be purchased. Surprisingly most authors have their book available in 1 or 2 places, their website, and Amazon. Other than those 2 places they haven’t’ even considered having their books available for purchase any place else.

When we chat about the quality of books that it is thoroughly important that the book is of good quality. The book should have a flow and readable.  Most authors state that have a large and active email list, but for the most part, they continue to keep growing and selling their books because of word of mouth, vendor events and book signings.

A large number of authors I spoke with, informed me that they do connect with other authors and that joining an association or writing club is the perfect thing to do as an author.

Finally, if someone asked you to what your book is about, you want to be able to speak eloquently about what your book is about. Readers will be out there, so you should have a book elevator speech to explain what your book is about and where it can be found.

There are many more hacks to share, but I wanted to share a few hacks for now. Connect and let me know if these hacks were helpful.