When we think about book promotion ideas, sometimes our ideas are not always so simple. In this blog post, I will share some ideas that really are simple to use going forward in promoting your book.

  • Your author website or blog should end with a dot com. Having the dot com makes it easier to index on the google search engine.
  • Use social media and make it work for you, don’t spend time scrolling through social media. You can schedule your content to go out on social media.
  • Use paid services to promote your book on Facebook via Facebook Ads. There are numerous companies that you can pay to promote your book. You can simply do a google search or a search on Twitter.
  • Think of offering your book for free or mark down your book to $.99; you are likely to have many people grab your book when it is free & $0.99.
  • Podcast interviews are a free option to promote your book. Once you are a guest on a podcast, you will be marketing to the podcaster’s audience, you will be listed on their social media platform as well as their website, which helps to market your book to a wider audience that listens to the podcast.

I hope these ideas were helpful to you, let me know if you have already implemented and how your promotion is coming along.