Relax, Unwind & Soar in 22 Days 

Relax, Unwind & Soar in 22 Days

Five years ago, I used to spend a lot of time writing down thoughts. Once I really started thinking of putting this to a book, I knew I needed to cut this book down, because there were approximately 100 chapters, but after reviewing my work, I felt that 22 chapters would be sufficient for this book.

I am sure fellow authors will appreciate my feeling, finishing my current book is tough. So many things get into the way, you have your everyday duties, family, work & business, but my goal was to write every day for 15 minutes. We all know that, writing daily can be a challenge. How many people have written books, but never published them? Most still have their book written out in a journal book.

Originally, I  started writing in a journal, eventually switching from the journal book to a computer. Then imagine trying to recover your book, after your computer has crashed.  Guess what, that was me many years ago luckily,  I was able to recover it. Well, of course soon after this happened,  I decided to start saving my work on a flash drive.

So here are more details about the book, I’ve been holding onto for a couple years. Relax, Unwind & Soar is an inspirational, motivational and thought provoking short read. With note taking space, after each chapter in case someone wants to take notes, and jot down their thoughts. The short chapters are simple, thought provoking and an enjoyable.

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Happy Reading!!