The positive side of Social Media

Social Media can affect business in a lot of positive ways, and can really help your business grow if it is used correctly. The internet can be a gold mine, of free marketing directly to your target audience. I decided to write a short blog about, The Surprising things that you may not know about Social Media – Lower/decreases marketing cost – using social media you can advertise & market your business, sales, events, etc; You are marketing yourself/business/brand; More & More people/businesses are using Social Media; Helps to build a community that will support your business; Visibility of your brand/business; Increased traffic to your website; Social Media is is global; your customers may not be in your current county/country; Richer Customer Experiences – Interaction on social media shows your customer service level;     Share... read more

Relax, Unwind & Soar in 22 Days

Relax, Unwind & Soar in 22 Days  Five years ago, I used to spend a lot of time writing down thoughts. Once I really started thinking of putting this to a book, I knew I needed to cut this book down, because there were approximately 100 chapters, but after reviewing my work, I felt that 22 chapters would be sufficient for this book. I am sure fellow authors will appreciate my feeling, finishing my current book is tough. So many things get into the way, you have your everyday duties, family, work & business, but my goal was to write every day for 15 minutes. We all know that, writing daily can be a challenge. How many people have written books, but never published them? Most still have their book written out in a journal book. Originally, I  started writing in a journal, eventually switching from the journal book to a computer. Then imagine trying to recover your book, after your computer has crashed.  Guess what, that was me many years ago luckily,  I was able to recover it. Well, of course soon after this happened,  I decided to start saving my work on a flash drive. So here are more details about the book, I’ve been holding onto for a couple years. Relax, Unwind & Soar is an inspirational, motivational and thought provoking short read. With note taking space, after each chapter in case someone wants to take notes, and jot down their thoughts. The short chapters are simple, thought provoking and an enjoyable. You can grab the book, right here on my this site under the books... read more

The Aspiring Writers Workshop

The Aspiring Writers Workshop, focuses on the beginning stages of writing and self publishing, that also includes social media strategies to market your book. On February 18, 2017, I partnered with another author to host a workshop called, “The Aspiring Writers Workshop.” The first part of the workshop, was Brainstorming tips to help you move past writers block, outlining of your writing and various writing styles. Next, topic taught was the difference in traditional publishing and self publishing, as well as discussing self publishing options through Amazon’s Create Space & Kindle Publishing.  Most people are visual, they can understand things clearly by seeing visually.  The great thing is my co-host walked you through a test run of publishing your book on both platforms. Finally, the workshop ended with me discussing a couple social media platforms, that authors can optimize; content ideas to share on these platforms. I also touched on joining writing groups, and networking with other writers. We were very excited to host our 1st workshop about Aspiring Writers – becoming Authors. Often, the question of determining if you should attend a workshop comes up, so I decided to share a couple things to think about when debating on whether to attend a workshop. What is purpose of the workshop; Does it fall in line with my brand; Can it help me move forward; The goal when I host a workshop, is for the attendees to leave with workable tools, not just a handout or workbook, but to actually learn the content, as well as having the confidence to use the tools provided to them, from what was... read more

Authors are you doing Podcast interviews?

Authors are you doing Podcast interviews? Did you know it helps to give you, and your book more attention? Podcasting is one of the Top 10 ways to market your business. There are actually several podcasts dedicated to authors & writers. Podcast Hosts love to talk about books. They will often talk about a new book they have read, if they enjoyed it, and they will often times suggest that book to their audience.  So if you are an author, a Podcast interview gives you an opportunity to talk in detail about the following: What your book is about? Who it appeals to? Your process in writing the book. Why you decided to write the book. The followers or the audience of the podcast show, will oftentimes check out the books of the guest on the show.  To see if any of the books are of interest to them. Also, being a guest on the podcast gives you an opportunity, to fully explain your thoughts on the books. By doing this, those listeners can get a deeper understanding of your books.  Most times an author gets an opportunity to read an excerpt from their books. Podcast interviews are an especially relevant  way to market your book. The show host of the podcast will promote your book, a picture of you and possibly your website or site where your book can be purchased and contact information to reach you. If you are an author, and you are interested in doing podcast interviews, but struggle to find out how to do so, the best way to get on a podcast is to ask. Podcasts Hosts are often looking for people to interview, and most often love to interview authors.  Authors... read more

Growth – My word for 2017

2017 is the year of Growth for me, so I decided to pick a Power Word for the me. I knew the word had to be specific towards moving forward, because it was necessary.  My word for 2017 is Growth! Growth in Christ, Growth in Life & Growth in Business! I decided not to set Resolutions, instead I picked Goals! So here are my goals: Being Ambitious – stepping out a little bit more Realistic – with goal setting & being specific as possible Be Intentional – not just saying what I am going to do for 2017, but actually follow through in what I am doing to do with 2017. I understand not everyone will feel the same way I do, but it is my intention to make this year, totally different than the other years. So moving forward with these goals, will help me to crush 2017. Did you set any goals/resolutions for 2017? Share your goals with me.   Share... read more
The Driven Woman

The Driven Woman

Can you be content with what you have and still be driven for more? Does that make you ungrateful? Professional women who have families, are content with their families, but are driven to continue to move up the ladder. These women aren’t ungrateful, they are driven. Yes Professional Women can be driven to reaching a personal goal. The days of women, just working their 9 to 5’s and coming home to take care of the household is not past us, but more and more women are making the steps to entrepreneurship, as well as the women taking steps to move up the ladder and crash through the glass ceiling. Women being driven is never a problem or so it seems. Although, some women have the attitude that if I don’t do it, then it won’t get done, or it won’t get done correctly to her standards. Being a driven woman, does that hinder your work, life, play balance? Some would say it does, but if you are driven moving towards your goals. But there is a balance if you know Monday thru Thursday 8 – 5 this is what I am going to do –  and Friday, Saturday & Sunday I will devote my time to Family & Fun. It is a goal that is easily accomplished. After 5pm turn the phone off or send it straight to voice mail & make a promise not to handle work business till the next day. In the quest of a driven woman, we sometimes hit the glass ceiling that men don’t hit, but that doesn’t stop us from moving forward! Picture credit:... read more