Authors on Social Media

Authors on Social Media Authors on Social Media used to sound far-fetched. But, there are multiple authors that are on social media, the question is whether they are active.  I recently did a survey asking authors if they were on social media, most said yes, but when asked if they are active the answer was kinda or sortof..lol. That meant I share my book on social media from time to time, but I am not really active. Some authors think that social media is time-consuming, so they don’t really care to engage. By becoming active on social media, it opens the door for a line of communication for readers. Most readers are pretty active on social media and always looking for new books to read. Think of your time on social media as time well spent. Don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to social media?  There are a couple options for you, schedule your posts or pay a social media manager to handle your social media for you. But if you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) type of person, try one platform, look around and share excerpts from your book. Help people understand why they should purchase your book. Do not post spam or tell people to buy your book on every post. Are you an Author on Social Media? Share your thoughts with me. Share... read more

Simple Book Promotion Ideas

When we think about book promotion ideas, sometimes our ideas are not always so simple. In this blog post, I will share some ideas that really are simple to use going forward in promoting your book. Your author website or blog should end with a dot com. Having the dot com makes it easier to index on the google search engine. Use social media and make it work for you, don’t spend time scrolling through social media. You can schedule your content to go out on social media. Use paid services to promote your book on Facebook via Facebook Ads. There are numerous companies that you can pay to promote your book. You can simply do a google search or a search on Twitter. Think of offering your book for free or mark down your book to $.99; you are likely to have many people grab your book when it is free & $0.99. Podcast interviews are a free option to promote your book. Once you are a guest on a podcast, you will be marketing to the podcaster’s audience, you will be listed on their social media platform as well as their website, which helps to market your book to a wider audience that listens to the podcast. I hope these ideas were helpful to you, let me know if you have already implemented and how your promotion is coming along. Share... read more
Social Media for Authors

Social Media for Authors

    Authors how many of you are using Social Media to your benefit? Social media allows you to build a relationship with your readers. Surprisingly most authors don’t use social media to promote their book. You will find a lot of authors doing book reads or selling their books to book clubs or even bookstores. Below are some reasons why you should be using social media to help with your books: Exposure – Using social media to help spread the word and help with your marketing, and promotion of your book is essential in getting exposure for your book outside of your city, state or even country. Leads – While attempting to connect with the potential readers, it can also give you the opportunity to connect with new readers, and refer them to your blog, landing pages and where ever your book is sold. SEO Boost – By posting on social media you are advertising your book, and based on how much you are using your title in the posts on social media, it can help to add to your book without paying a company to get your book on the google search. Growth – You may have a fan who may spark a thought in your mind about working on a 2nd book, as well as an opportunity to make your book a movie. Sales – Social Media allows you to sell to a worldwide audience. Sales are always great icing on the cake. One last key piece of information, if you have a blog make it a point to stay active on your blog and share your book journey. From... read more

Simple Hacks for Authors

Are there really any simple hacks for authors? Well, I want to share some research that I’ve come across since I’ve become an author. As an author of 3 books, I like to connect with fellow authors to learn and grow as an author. In this blog post, I share a couple simple author hacks, for aspiring and new authors to remember on the journey of being an author. When I speak with authors, I am always interested to find out where their books can be purchased. Surprisingly most authors have their book available in 1 or 2 places, their website, and Amazon. Other than those 2 places they haven’t’ even considered having their books available for purchase any place else. When we chat about the quality of books that it is thoroughly important that the book is of good quality. The book should have a flow and readable.  Most authors state that have a large and active email list, but for the most part, they continue to keep growing and selling their books because of word of mouth, vendor events and book signings. A large number of authors I spoke with, informed me that they do connect with other authors and that joining an association or writing club is the perfect thing to do as an author. Finally, if someone asked you to what your book is about, you want to be able to speak eloquently about what your book is about. Readers will be out there, so you should have a book elevator speech to explain what your book is about and where it can be found. There are many more... read more

Establishing yourself on Social Media

  When it comes to Social Media, people have an overwhelming sense that, this is just too much for me. So first off, I will tell you…there is no need for you to be on every platform. But what I will tell you is pick at least two platforms. If you are a new business owner or established business owner the best way is to figure out which platforms your audience, or ideal clients hang out at is to evaluate the social media platforms. Facebook would be one of the platforms that you can evaluate. Most people go with Facebook first it is easy to access and your friends and family already there. When you pick your next platform, you will need to evaluate your market, where does your idea client hang out at? Facebook would be one of the platforms that you can evaluate. Most people go with Facebook first, because it is easy to access and your friends and family already there. When you pick your next platform, you will need to evaluate your market, where does your idea client hang out at? Next, you will need to figure out what your strategy is? How do you want to share your content? Since you are sharing your content on Social Media, two good choices are written or video marketing. Finally,  figure out how often do you plan to post on these platforms? These are a couple simple tips to get you started if you would like more information go to my contact page and let’s chat about your needs.         Share... read more

How to avoid social media overwhelm

Social Media can be a scary world, especially when you feel like it overwhelms you. Here are 7 hacks to help you get over the mountain that is social media. Make a plan to check your social media platforms at certain times of the day. Once you get to your desk or workspace and get settled, then you can start checking your social media sites. Turn off all notifications, once you are ready to start your day. Keeping the notifications on throughout the day can distract you from your tasks. Pick a day to schedule your social media post, this should be a day that you normally plan & review your business for the week. Don’t get on on social media platforms until your task is finished. Sometimes our mind brings us to a place of wanderlust, especially when we don’t want to finish that task we are working on. Do not treat a social media platform as a personal site. Social Media is the window display in which our customers walk by and look at – if they don’t like the display on social media, they will keep walking by. When creating your content, understand that it is Quality NOT Quantity. – It’s best to give valuable, informative information. Pic credit: higher education marketing & swish design Share... read more