Social Media can be a scary world, especially when you feel like it overwhelms you.

Here are 7 hacks to help you get over the mountain that is social media.

  1. Make a plan to check your social media platforms at certain times of the day.
  2. Once you get to your desk or workspace and get settled, then you can start checking your social media sites.
  3. Turn off all notifications, once you are ready to start your day. Keeping the notifications on throughout the day can distract you from your tasks.
  4. Pick a day to schedule your social media post, this should be a day that you normally plan & review your business for the week.
  5. Don’t get on on social media platforms until your task is finished.┬áSometimes our mind brings us to a place of wanderlust, especially when we don’t want to finish that task we are working on.
  6. Do not treat a social media platform as a personal site. Social Media is the window display in which our customers walk by and look at – if they don’t like the display on social media, they will keep walking by.
  7. When creating your content, understand that it is Quality NOT Quantity. – It’s best to give valuable, informative information.

Pic credit: higher education marketing & swish design