Authors are you doing Podcast interviews? Did you know it helps to give you, and your book more attention?

Podcasting is one of the Top 10 ways to market your business. There are actually several podcasts dedicated to authors & writers.

Podcast Hosts love to talk about books. They will often talk about a new book they have read, if they enjoyed it, and they will often times suggest that book to their audience.  So if you are an author, a Podcast interview gives you an opportunity to talk in detail about the following:

  1. What your book is about?
  2. Who it appeals to?
  3. Your process in writing the book.
  4. Why you decided to write the book.

The followers or the audience of the podcast show, will oftentimes check out the books of the guest on the show.  To see if any of the books are of interest to them. Also, being a guest on the podcast gives you an opportunity, to fully explain your thoughts on the books. By doing this, those listeners can get a deeper understanding of your books.  Most times an author gets an opportunity to read an excerpt from their books.

Podcast interviews are an especially relevant  way to market your book. The show host of the podcast will promote your book, a picture of you and possibly your website or site where your book can be purchased and contact information to reach you.

If you are an author, and you are interested in doing podcast interviews, but struggle to find out how to do so, the best way to get on a podcast is to ask. Podcasts Hosts are often looking for people to interview, and most often love to interview authors.  Authors if you want to be on a podcast, connect with fellow authors and let them know that you are interested in doing interviews.

Good look on your podcasting hunting.


pic credit: inspirationfeed

pic credit: inspirationfeed