Authors, are you marketing your book?


As a new author, I struggled with marketing my new book. I went thru a series of trial & error and wanted to share ideas that I implemented in marketing my book.

  1. Create an author Fan/Biz Page on Facebook;
  2. Register as an author on Amazon;
  3. Register as an author on Goodreads;
  4. Guest Blog
  5. Comment on authors Blog posts;
  6. Connect with authors on social media platforms
  7. Update you Bio stating that you are an author;
  8. Ask your readers to post their review on your fan/biz page;
  9. Create an online book tour;
  10. Create a book trailer.

These book marketing ideas will help you if you are in search of new ideas.  Have you tried any or all of these ideas? How did they work out for you?