The Aspiring Writers Workshop, focuses on the beginning stages of writing and self publishing, that also includes social media strategies to market your book.

On February 18, 2017, I partnered with another author to host a workshop called, “The Aspiring Writers Workshop.”

The first part of the workshop, was Brainstorming tips to help you move past writers block, outlining of your writing and various writing styles.

Next, topic taught was the difference in traditional publishing and self publishing, as well as discussing self publishing options through Amazon’s Create Space & Kindle Publishing.  Most people are visual, they can understand things clearly by seeing visually.  The great thing is my co-host walked you through a test run of publishing your book on both platforms.

Finally, the workshop ended with me discussing a couple social media platforms, that authors can optimize; content ideas to share on these platforms. I also touched on joining writing groups, and networking with other writers.

We were very excited to host our 1st workshop about Aspiring Writers – becoming Authors. Often, the question of determining if you should attend a workshop comes up, so I decided to share a couple things to think about when debating on whether to attend a workshop.

  1. What is purpose of the workshop;
  2. Does it fall in line with my brand;
  3. Can it help me move forward;

The goal when I host a workshop, is for the attendees to leave with workable tools, not just a handout or workbook, but to actually learn the content, as well as having the confidence to use the tools provided to them, from what was taught in the workshop and actually implementing what you learned.

The Aspiring Writers Workshop will be hosting a second event 6/10/17. Go to Aspiring Writers for details on the next event.

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