Have you been considering a an being a part of an Anthology or Co-Authoring a book? I’ve had people ask me a lot about Anthologies and being a part of a book that is co-authored. Sometimes people are mistaken about the difference between the two, so I will share the difference.

An Anthology is a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler. It may be a collection of poems, short stories, plays, songs, or excerpts. – per Wikipedia.

The anthology can have any number of authors in the collection of stories.

An Co-Author is a more than one author discussing 1 story, so co-authored books can be about business or whatever subject or genre you prefer.

The choice of which type of book you prefer to be in. If the book is promoted & marketing with a plan, the book will do well no matter what. But of course if you have a compiler or publishing company that you have a contract with, you need to find out about the promotion & marketing aspect.