Relax, Unwind & Soar in 22 Days

We all need to Relax and Unwind as we journey through our Everyday Lives! This inspirational read is dedicated to helping you get to a place of peace for your mind, body & soul. The 22 Day Devotional provides journal notes, after each chapter for you to write down your thoughts after reading through each chapter. This book can be taken with you wherever you go – cruise, a day in the park, hair salon.


Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul

Chocolate & Diamonds For the Woman’s Soul brings together many voices into a masterpiece for the ages. Each “Timeless Treasure” represents a diamond which has endured the test of time, the heat of transformation and the release of inner beauty to the world.


Social Media 101: Tips & Strategies For Beginners

Social Media 101: Tips & Strategies For Beginners book is for those who are on social media, but really don’t understand the pros and cons of using Facebook, Twitter, and Live Streaming. In this book, you will find the ins & outs as well as tips to make your presence better on either platform you decide to be on.

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Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers and Givers (Volume 3)

Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers (Volume 3) features women who make a daily difference. In this edition, Conversations with Tami Patzer, the following women innovators were interviewed and reveal their big messages and big missions: Heather Poduska, Sherrie C Wilson, Nalani Rood Lenz, Lela Bryan, Jennifer Huber, Shequita Lee, Lynne Sagen and Sarah Matthaei.

Real Divas Win

Real Divas Win features a collaboration of women and their captivating stories. Real Divas Win highlights amazing stories women have lived through no matter how difficult, they came out winning. In this book a group of awesome women who have and are still winning in life and business. The women have stories the world needs to hear. Our stories have the ability to inspire, uplift, and empower. The purpose of this book is to change lives and give the world an amazing voice of hope like never before.